Solutions for a Technology Business in Modern Era

Embrace modern technology. Reduce business cost by adopting open source technology, software & tools, buy COTS product for business if it is readily available that fit your business instead of developing your own product, outsource the business new initiative or overflows to manage workflows and costs more efficiently, migrate on-premise apps to cloud to reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems.

Be inclusive. Don’t afraid to make change. Always look for a way to improve. Be agile. Follow the process. Be innovative. Be smart. Be consistent and trustworthy. Be aware you need to spend money in order to earn money.

Exploring technology in business opportunities

Now a days there is no business innovation without information technology and there is no enterprise without information technology department. Technology specialist becomes vital important for the enterprise than anyone else in the organization. Technology helps enterprise automate and simplify every business process.

There are many ways in which technology is transforming business.

Business models does not last longer due to heavy business competition which puts enterprise tremendous pressure to come up quickly with new model that take advantage of digital technology in business and transform those business model as they progress utilizing state of the art technology to reach the market quicker with new approach.

Technology helps business avoid redundancy, develop reusable business component, develop robust model with greater achievement of benefits and profit. Today’s state of the art technology helps business to scale both horizontally and vertically which is almost impossible with the traditional approach. With cloud computing, business scaling is faster

Digital age technology is moving faster at the accelerating rate and that reshape the business by which it operates with the ramifications of an Information economy and accelerating returns.

In the today’s world, data is everywhere. Data becomes information which makes business knowledgeable. The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of devices, vehicles and appliances that consist of electronics, software, actuators and connectivity which allows business to connect, interact and exchange data.

Monitoring and reporting the business data becomes much easier with digital technology. Now-a-days every product and services offer monitoring and reporting features to track the historical data, audit the data, generate report, etc. This enable business at all level to find out thegap where it can focus and improve further.

Automation is happening everywhere. From DevOps in information technology industry, internet of things(IoT) to gather data from various sources, robots in factories to automates repetitive task are replacing labors in every area except our ability to interact with each other.  That’s the trend of the new technology business in modern era.

In a fully automated digital age, the only truly asset will be the human spirit.

By Mohamed Jaleel